Sculpting rock is akin to sculpting time.

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Schloss, ARTIST PORTRAIT (4_For Web)“I was honored to be invited by Larry to view his sculptures early in his career. Needless to say I was blown away. His ability to free the emotions hidden in stone and wood is breath taking. Larry is truly gifted.” – Lou Vaccarelli, President Emeritus, Huntington Arts Council and Producer, Live It Up TV Show

Artist Lawrence Schloss is contributing his work, ‘Burning Bush’ and ‘Prayer’ to the Faintest Whisper art series. His work is powerful, has all the tension of bearing and pleading… a unique beauty that reflects the knottiness and complexity of life. –  Zev Elman, Composer. NYC

Mr. Schloss ….embraced … beauty, artistic life and mind expanding, emotion provoking sculptures. His … drive and unbridled energy are reflected in the intricate details, workmanship and intensity of his magnificent work.” – Ingrid Taff, M.D., Neurologist Great Neck, NY

“such energy … beautiful… the energy of the universe” – Diane Della Croce, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Adelphi University Honors College, Garden City, NY

Larry Schloss and his sculptures manifest a strong connection to life struggles, both personally and within a world view. The tension between what first appears to be hard wood or stone transforms into fluid shapes that deny their solid origins, as if the wrestling with the forms becomes more free.  Viewers can feel the visceral energy the artist puts into each of his works. –  Flora Rosefsky, Execuitive Board of Director and Past President, The American Guild of Judaic Art, Atlanta, GA

“We are proud owners of Lawrence Schloss’ abstract sculpture “Unity.” The intricacy of his work is astounding. It is the highlight of our art collection.” – Alan and RoseMarie Cline, Old Bridge, New Jersey

CEREBRUM “Very impressive…I love its connection to the human brain. The essence of the work is very strong…its beauty of shapes and materials” – Lea Weinberg, Semi Abstract Sculptor.

“Your talent simply amazes me.” –  Debra Weir,  M.A, M.F.T., Santa Monica, CA.

HEAR, ISRAEL: the feeling it produces is religious/ spiritual…the idea of stone and wood representing the merging of thought and words: the technical aspects reflecting the concept..I liked the separation of the words, which are connected by the convoluted shapes made by polished wood. “Hear”- and then the words are transmitted by the wood to – “Israel.”… your sculpture inspired me… – Nancy Current, Professional Artist, Seattle WA

Lawrence Schloss’ sculpture are deep, thought provoking, complex, and for me personally, very fascinating. They evoke a whole cascade of associations with their tangled forms and colors that change in the light from different angles. – Artist Shoshannah Brombacher, Ph.D., Maggidah Brooklyn, NY

Larry Schloss creates intense, inviting, stream-of-consciousness sculptures, made from organic materials and wrought in abstract forms. Understanding how the works are connected to and reflective of his own Jewish experience makes viewing them an exciting experience.  – Matthew Van Brink, Composer, NYC

…he cannot reach inside a viewer’s mind, but has to rely on his own feelings, hoping they can convey his meaning. In a world where anti-Semitism and internal struggle are paramount, Mr. Schloss understands the conflict in seeing, feeling and creating. …I feel as though I can learn from his sculptures. – Suzi Brozman. Staff Writer, The Atlanta Jewish Times, Yale University Press.


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